Exhibition and sale of KEIJI ITO+HISHIMEUCHI’s TIMELESS CREATURE series at Hotel “THE BASICS” in Fukuoka, from May 12th (Fri) to 21st (Sun).
福岡のホテル「THE BASICS」にて、5月12日(金)-21日(日) 、KEIJI ITO+HISHIMEUCHIによるTIMELESS CREATUREシリーズの展示販売を行います。
参加アーティスト:Simon Taylor (Tomato) / 伊藤桂司(UFG) + HISHIMEUCHI / 村上周 / 石浦 克(TGB design.) / GOOD DAY MATE(グッダイマイト)/ Yusuke Isao / Tomoya Okoshi / 佐々木亮平 / shinji matsuo / DHARMA
THE SCENE vol.2「Art x Music Market」https://art-music-market.stores.jp
THE BASICS FUKUOKA https://www.thebasics.jp/fukuoka/archives/1925/

“TIMELESS CREATURE” series by KEIJI ITO+HISHIMEUCHI will be exhibited and sold at “sacs” art store in Shibuya, Tokyo from May 2nd to 3rd. This event offers a chance to see and purchase unique art pieces created by the artists. If you’re in Tokyo during these days, don’t miss this opportunity to experience their artwork.
東京渋谷のアートストア「sacs」にて、5月2日(火)-3日(水) 、KEIJI ITO+HISHIMEUCHIによるTIMELESS CREATUREシリーズの展示販売を行います。

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“No name parish,” a Nordic furniture store in Meguro, Tokyo, has started carrying original leather cushions by HISHIMEUCHI. If you’re interested in HISHIMEUCHI’s unique designs, be sure to visit the store and check out their selection of cushions. This is a great opportunity to add a touch of HISHIMEUCHI’s style to your home decor.

東京目黒の北欧家具店「No name parish」にて、HISHIMEUCHIオリジナルレザークッションの取り扱いを始めました。